SwingTie - Tree Swing Hanger

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The Original Tree Swing Hanger! - Lifetime Warranty 

2 SwingTie Straps, 2 Carabiners & Carrying Bag included!

 Putting up a hammock or a swing in the backyard can be a hassle without the proper materials. Luckily, Swing Tie offers a fast, safe, and efficient way to mount backyard accessories to a tree branch, porch beam, or other hanging mechanism. These straps wrap around a supporting structure—even a pre-built swing set—and secure into place without the use of drills, tools, or other hardware.

Swing Tie is safe, secure and rated to hold up to 1,000 pounds. Works with any type of swing! Lifetime Warranty.

Installation takes mere minutes. First, hang the tie over the wooden beam or branch. Then loop the small ring and carabiner through the larger loop. Pull the small loop tight so that the larger loop slides up to meet the beam or branch. Clip your hammock or swing seat to the carabiners, and then sit back and relax. With this system, you won't have to worry about damaging tree branches. Because the set doesn't rely on drilling unsightly holes or screws, you can easily remove the ties and move your swing as needed.

You can also take the ties with you to go camping or traveling outdoors. Each strap is made from lightweight, heavy-duty nylon, which is the same material used in parachutes and safety harnesses. The durable material ensures security and durability. Plus, it supports over 1,000 lbs. We've also designed the rings and carabiner hooks with stainless steel, a rust-free metal. These materials won't break or fade over time, so you can rely on Swing Tie in all types of weather, all year long. Swing Tie hanging straps are also adjustable, so you can set the length to the exact height of your tree branch or beam. Each strap hangs down anywhere between 2.5 feet to a few inches. Order a set of ties to set up a swing for your kids or a relaxing hammock for yourself.