14 Wedding Gift Ideas For All Types of Couples

When a couple takes the time to put together a wedding registry for their special day, they take out some of the guesswork for guests who hope to give something a touch more personal than merely writing a check. However, in many cases, some of the most creative, unique, and personal items might not make it on to that curated list.  

If you make the brave decision to go off-registry gift shopping, make sure what you’re getting for the new couple is something you think they will really enjoy for many years to come. If you’re unsure what to get, it might be best to stick with their meticulous and carefully chosen selection—or at least take some inspiration from it!

With that in mind, we went ahead and put together some of the very best registry items we think newly-married pairs will be over-the-moon to receive. So grab your cup of coffee and get comfy, let’s dive into the 14 wedding gift ideas for all types of couples.

Amazon Gift Card  

The truth is that everybody uses Amazon. Whether you’re looking for physical material goods or online goods, you can always find what you need. As one of the top websites in the world, you can be sure that the lucky couple will find something useful as they move into the next phase of their life. It’s not as obvious as hard cash; it’s digital, so it won’t ever get lost, and it gives them the ability to choose exactly what they want. 

Massage or Spa Day 

Wedding planning can be immensely stressful, and the entire wedding weekend tends to come and go in a blurry blink of an eye. As human beings, we naturally enjoy the act of giving many times more than receiving, so once everything is said and done, it’s time to get pampered. 


Want to give the sweet couple a gift that keeps on giving?! Consider purchasing a few stocks specifically for them. Imagine you buy your buddy $500 in Amazon or Google stock one month before the wedding, and during the holy matrimony, you spill the beans that you just transferred the stock using your online account. If all goes well, that sweet gift could easily double in value in a few years! Heck yeah!

Dinner For Two 

Did you know that many couples tend to forget to eat during their wedding? Give them the fancy dinner they gave you but probably couldn’t enjoy! Marriage is all about communication and keeping the spark alive, even when the honeymoon phase is long gone. 

Why not gift the new couple a nice dinner for two at a fancy or chic restaurant to be used a month or so after their wedding? Not only will they love the nice gesture, but they’ll think of you twice—both when receiving it and again when they redeem it! 

Travel Gift Card 

Did you know that Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and essentially any hotel or airline has gift cards available? Give the gift of travel with a gift card. Let them apply some of these during their day-to-day married life and or use them on their honeymoon. Whenever they decide to use them, travel gift cards are sure to make their day.  

Travel Hammock 

Speaking of traveling…

Have you seen all those pictures circulating Instagram of people enjoying the great outdoors, sleeping in hammocks beneath the stars? If you want to give the lucky couple a sweet gift that is as thoughtful as it is unique, consider giving them a travel hammock. 

If you ask us, a travel hammock is one of the best ways to boost your backpacking or camping trip around the world because it gives a sense of immense freedom, truly connecting us with Mother Nature. Hammocks are the perfect travel companion and make for an exceptional gift. Just be sure to also include SwingTiethe ultimate tool for attaching a hammock to a tree.   

Concert Tickets 

Assuming the new couple likes Coldplay, Drake, Adele, or even concert music like Hans Zimmer, concert-goers and music lovers will really enjoy this sweet and thoughtful gift. 


The value of gold has gone up quite a bit, and even though most of us roll our eyes every single time our uncle talks about it—it still has value, and you can make a lot of money on it. Yes, during the final apocalypse, a glass of H2O will be worth way more than gold, but you can say the same thing about your cash in your wallet!

Regardless, if you happen to have spare gold lying around from old necklaces or bracelets, consider taking it to your local jeweler to have them melt it down into a solid gold brick and gift it to the happy wedding couple. 

Gym Membership 

Wedding weight blues? Assuming the bride or groom won’t take it personally, a gym membership is something we could use to improve our health, and if gifted to a nice gym, it will be used for sure. 

Surprise Performance  

This is a great wedding gift, but it does take a little bit of planning ahead of time. Ask yourself:

  • Was there a favorite DJ or maybe a band you guys liked in college?
  • Or what about a special comedian you saw for the first time together back in the day?
  • Or perhaps a magician or something else that will be a welcome surprise and not interrupt the fun wedding festivities?
  • Don’t have the funds or ability to provide a monetary gift? What if you were to sing a special song for them, do a little jig, or something else thoughtful?

If you checked with the wedding planners and there is space for it, go on ahead and plan something for the sweet couple during their big wedding day. Sometimes, the best gifts are special moments—not something to physically unwrap. 

Online Courses 

Most people tend to skip online courses or YouTube tutorials because, well, they’re free, and they have very little value associated with them as a result, even if the information is priceless. But a lot of digital marketing companies are giving million-dollar educations for anywhere between $10 to $100 on sites like Skillshare and Udemy. 

If the newlyweds are moving to a new town, for example, and need to start over or figure out a new career path, sites like these are golden and very much appreciated. Not only will they provide top-notch expert advice in a week that could take years to learn on the job, but they will also not be abandoned as they have a monetary amount associated with it, and progress is tracked. 

Pet Accessories 

Does the new couple have a four-legged fur baby? Or maybe they are thinking about adopting a new puppy after the wedding? If so, buying something in the pet department is going to save them costs down the road and be utilized. 

This gift is thoughtful in a different way because, in many cases, we love our pets more than we love ourselves, and they will be happy to know you love their pets too. 

Tree Swing 

Okay, so this might sound a little odd, but hear us out. Swinging from a tree is nostalgic. It brings on a feeling of freedom, happiness, and a sense of calmness that envelopes you as you descend from the euphoric high. 

If you want to get the couple a gift that is as equally unique as it is fun, consider a good quality tree swing. Just don’t forget to also include SwingTie for quick and easy installation. SwingTie makes it easier than ever to install a swing and can support up to a whopping 1,000 pounds!

Costco Membership 

Who doesn’t love Costco? If you want to get a gift for the newlyweds that they are sure to use, consider giving them a one-year membership to Costco. They will get plenty of stuff they need for the house, such as appliances and food to stock up the fridge.  

A Final Word

Remember that old saying, “it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts?” Well, these days where people don’t really need gifts, the thought counts even more. If you’re in need of an incredible wedding gift that won’t flop, consider one of our awesome gift ideas above, and you are sure not to disappoint! 






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