16 great last-minute gifts for Christmas

We can all probably agree that shopping for presents is never a walk in the park, and when it gets pushed until the very last minute, it becomes even more of a challenge. This year, shopping for the very best last-minute Christmas gifts is harder than ever because many of us aren’t even seeing our loved ones for safety’s sake. Therefore, it goes without saying that we should all put a little extra thought into gift-giving this year to make up for the lack of a holiday season we’re all getting!

With all the downfalls of the hellish year brought to us by the pandemic sweeping over the nation, finding the perfect present this holiday season is without a doubt easier said than done. If you still have a few people left on your gift list, don’t panic just yet—in this article, you’ll find some of the best last-minute gift ideas that anyone would be over the moon to unwrap. 

So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get comfy, let’s dive in!

A Movie Night Basket 

With theaters and venues closed at the moment, creating a movie night basket is an exceptional gift idea! Fill it full with all the basics like buttery popcorn, soda pop, candy, cozy slippers, and more for a thoughtful movie night snuggled up at home. 

For a little somethin’ extra, consider adding a one-year gift subscription to Disney Plus or Netflix to the basket and put together a list of some binge-spiration with all the new movies and TV shows that they’ve gotta check out. 

A Retro Camera 

Smartphone cameras are cool, and all, and they definitely take great photos, but those images then languish in your camera roll, gathering virtual dust until they are quickly forgotten. If you ask us, creating a tangible image instantly with a real camera is so much more fun. 

Consider gifting your loved one with a cool Polaroid camera, which offers high-quality photos that print in an instant. These cameras come in several bright, fun colors, so it’ll look super cute as it captures precious memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

“Open When” Letters

If you ask us, there’s just something so *Jane Austen* about opening up a sweet note and seeing someone’s cursive—or, in most people’s cases—squiggly chicken scratch. If you’re running a bit short on time this holiday season, write a series of letters on your very own personalized stationery and enclose them in different envelopes. On each one of the envelopes, write a cute little message such as “open when you miss me” or “open when you’re feeling sad.” In each envelope, include a sweet letter that fits the theme.  

Favorite Homemade Treat

Nothing says ‘I love you more’ than whipping up a homemade batch of some delicious treats! Whatever your loved ones’ favorite dessert is, whether that’s chocolate cake, rice crispy treats, or double fudge brownies, spend the afternoon baking just for them. Who doesn’t want their favorite sweet treat on Christmas? Add an extra layer of pizazz and grab a cute dessert tray to stack your desserts for a mouth-drooling presentation. 

Spa Day in a Jar

Running behind on Christmas shopping this year? Never fear! Gift your bestie the gift of total relaxation with a spa day in a jar. This easy DIY gift is simple: get a jar, fill it full with nail polish, nail files, face masks, bath bombs, moisturizer, a face towel, and voila, you just created the perfect way to pamper any of your friends or family members!

Coupon Book 

Just about every little kid made a homemade coupon book with the intent to do the dishes without asking or to give a ten-minute foot rub. Adjust this to whoever you’re giving it to—maybe it’s a coupon for a girl’s night or for an outdoor picnic at the park. Get created with your coupon book—the skies the limit with what you can offer!

House Plants 

Last-minute holiday shopping? Give them the gift of life with a sweet plant baby! House plants make for an excellent gift and are always fun to receive. Some of the best plants for gifting include:

  • Succulents
  • Lavender
  • Cactus
  • Orchids
  • Bird’s nest fern

A Bottle of Wine 

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine? Choose a bottle that you know they will love, and grab a cute, stylish wine bag to carry it in. 


Everyone has those annoying accessories that they always need but never seem to find (enter hair ties, scrunchies, and bobby pins). Creating a fun basket full of accessories that everyone needs will absolutely be a hit! 


Does your bestie love to relax in a hammock or swing from a tree? Give them SwingTie—the quickest way to get swinging! Putting up a hammock or a tree swing in the backyard can be a huge hassle without the proper materials. Luckily, SwingTie offers a fast, safe, and efficient way to mount backyard accessories to a tree branch, porch beam, or other hanging mechanisms. 

This practical gift is sure to put a smile on your loved ones face. Whether they are looking to install a swing or a comfy-cozy hammock, SwingTie can help!  


Speaking of hammocks…

Travel hammocks are all the rage these days because they are one of the best ways to boost your backpacking trip or camping experience. It provides a sense of immense freedom and truly connects us with nature. They are easy to set up, pack up, and small enough to carry in a backpack. Hammocks are the perfect travel companion and make for a perfect last-minute Christmas gift. Just don’t forget to also include SwingTie for a quick and easy installation.  

Face Masks 

Gift anyone in your life a comfortable yet durable face-covering this year to get your point across. Wear. The. Mask. 


For the coffee lover, put together a quick basket full of all the coffee essentials. Some of the things you can include are coffee (obviously), flavored syrup, biscuits, chocolate, cocoa, tea, a cute mug, and OH, more coffee. Anyone would be over-the-moon to receive such a basket—we know we would be!

Personal Trainer 

Are they complaining that they gained the “COVID 19 last year? We don’t blame them. With the closing of fitness centers all over the world, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve all gained a little bit of extra fluff around our middles. Give the gift of fitness and pay for a few personal training sessions for your loved one to get them back on track to good health. 

Etsy Gift Card 

If your friend or family member has an eye for original designs and a passion for shopping, look no further than a gift card to Etsy. This maker-powered marketplace has everything from small-batched beauty to handmade clothes and decor galore. 

Water Bottle

Yes, water bottles are most definitely a thing now. You don’t have to carry around the huge plastic one anymore as there are many water bottles on the market with a cool, sleek design that will make any trip to the gym more enjoyable. Choose from collapsible ones, colorful ones, sparkly ones, or ones that even filter the water—the possibilities are truly endless. 

A Final Word

This last year has been difficult for everyone. If you’re running a bit behind on Christmas shopping this holiday season, don’t stress—it happens to the best of us!

Take a deep breath and check out the 15 awesome last-minute gift ideas we have listed above. From hammocks to water bottles and SwingTie to a personal trainer, we have something on the list to tickle just about anyone’s fancy. And remember, at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. 

Happy holidays, from our families to yours. Check out SwingTie today!






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