7 Easter Gifts for Kids

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the company of family and friends. The sunny weather returns and many of us head outside to celebrate Easter. Easter is a fun time for family to reconnect, but for kids, it’s a gift-receiving holiday that rivals Christmas and Halloween with tons of candy, chocolates, toys, and more! Today, we will give you some Easter gift recommendations that are sure to put a smile on any kid’s face. 

1) A Visit From The Easter Bunny

No Easter is complete without a visit from the Easter Bunny. If you have young kids, then there are a couple of easy things you can do to make the visit from the Easter Bunny extra special. 

Have your kids leave out some carrots for the Easter bunny, then surprise them with a carroty mess the following day. Use a cheese grater to shave some of the carrots onto the floor near where their baskets are. If you don’t mind a little extra cleaning, you can even leave trails of carrot bits around the house as evidence of the bunny hopping around. Your kids will love this tradition just as much as milk and cookies on Christmas. 

Make sure to stuff their baskets with goodies, including some of the Easter gifts as well as large chocolates and other Easter goodies. Your kid’s eyes will light up when they see what the Easter bunny has left for them. Don’t forget to hide the easter eggs! 

2) Chocolates And Candies

Every kid loves a gigantic chocolate bunny rabbit. Easter is a great time to surprise the kids with larger-than-life chocolates. After the Easter egg hunt, the kids are sure to have tons of little sweets, just like on Halloween. However, a large novelty-sized chocolate bunny never fails to impress. When it comes to chocolate Easter gifts, the bigger, the better! 

If your child doesn’t eat chocolate, then you can opt for a gigantic lollipop, gummy, or really any large type of candy. During this time of year, the shelves are packed with tons of fantastic novelty candy items. The size of the sweet is what will ultimately make it a great Easter surprise! 

3) Stuffed Animals

If you are already dreading the sugar rush that will surely follow the egg hunt, then maybe the last thing you want is more candy for your kids. Another great Easter gift is a soft springtime stuffed animal. Get your kiddo a sweet, stuffed bunny rabbit or spring chick. This gift makes the perfect addition to any top-notch Easter basket. 

No matter what age the child you are shopping for is, there is sure to be a stuffed animal that they will love to snuggle. If you are shopping for a baby, then shop for a baby-sized stuffed animal or blanket. Make sure the stuffed animal you pick is soft and perfect for cuddles. 

4) Easter Basket

If your kids don’t already have an Easter basket, then you should get them one that will last for many egg hunts to come. You can get them a basket that is personalized with their name on it for a special touch. You could also get them a basket with one of their favorite TV characters on it, although this may change in years to come. 

The perfect Easter basket is large enough to hold lots of eggs but not so large that they can’t carry it around for the egg hunt. Keep their size in mind when you are picking out their basket. 

5) Easter Books

There are many children’s books that are perfect for an Easter gift. Look for any children’s books that are about bunnies, ducks, or are even Easter-themed. Most book stores will have an Easter section that is full of books specifically chosen for Easter time. 

Make sure to take the age of the child into consideration when selecting the book. Younger kids will prefer picture books, while older kids may prefer interactive books. If you are shopping for an older child, look for an interactive book that comes with a craft to try or something to build. These are typically more popular with an older age group.

6) Outdoor Toys

With spring comes some of the best weather of the year, which means that the kiddos will be spending more and more time outside. This is the perfect time of year to give your kids gifts that they can use to play outside. This could be something as simple as bubbles or as big as a new bicycle. This will depend on how old the child is and what they like. 

If you are buying a gift for a child that you don’t know very well, you can never go wrong with bubbles or sidewalk chalk. Both of these gifts are fun for a wide range of ages and are perfect for spring. 

If you know the kid you are buying a gift for well, you will know their preferences better. Think of what would be fun for them to play with outdoors, like balls, hula hoops, or water guns. All of these gifts make for lots of spring and summertime fun. 

7) A Swing with SwingTie

For an outdoor gift that will be fun for the kids to play with year-round, get them a swing with a SwingTie for easy installation. This gift is perfect for a child of any age. Simply buy them an age-appropriate swing and a SwingTie to easily install the swing in a matter of minutes. 

All you need is a sturdy structure to attach the straps to. This can be a sturdy tree, porch beam, or playground structure. As long as you have space and clearance for a swing and a sturdy structure, you can install a swing using SwingTie to support up to 1000 pounds. 

SwingTie can be used to install any type of swing, including baby swings, hammocks, or spinning disk swings. It even comes with a lifetime warranty. Simply pick the right swing for your child, and you will have a fantastic gift that will have them playing outside for years to come. 

To install the SwingTie, make sure that the structure you are attaching to is sturdy and free of any wood rot or damage. Then hang the SwingTie strap over the wooden beam or branch. Loop the small ring and carabiner through the larger loop. Pull the small loop tight so that the larger loop slides up to meet the beam. Then, clip your swing to the carabiners and enjoy your swing—it’s that easy!

Once they outgrow the swing you bought them, you can easily replace it with a new swing. Simply attach the new swing to the carabiners of the SwingTie you have already installed, and you’ll have a brand new swing in seconds. 

If you are buying a swing that can spin, you will also want to buy the SwingTie Swivel Spinner.  This amazing attachment clips onto your SwingTie’s carabiners and has frictionless sealed ball bearings that allow it to spin in 360 degrees without catching or kinking like a rope. This accessory can support up to 2000 pounds making it the perfect addition for a swing that the whole family can enjoy. 

If you want to give the gift of endless outdoor fun, then you can’t go wrong with a swing and a SwingTie. This gift is sure to take the cake as the favorite gift of Easter! 

Wrap Up

Easter is the perfect holiday to spend time reconnecting with family and showering the kids you love with fun springtime gifts. You can never go wrong with candy or chocolate, but they will be getting a lot of sweets from the egg hunt as well. If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, then give them a swing with SwingTie. 

A fun outdoor swing is the perfect springtime gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. A child of any age will love this gift. Simply attach an age-appropriate swing to the SwingTie, and you will have a functioning swing in a matter of minutes without any drilling or special hardware. This incredible swing installation system is easy, safe, and built to last a lifetime. 

Swings are fun for all ages and can be enjoyed years and years. This Easter, give your kids this delightful outdoor present, and they will surely love it. Get ready to swing them around for hours and hours of giggles and endless outdoor fun!



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