12 Birthday Party Ideas They Won’t Forget

Your little one’s birthday is without a doubt one of their most special days. And as parents, we want their birthday parties to be the most memorable. But how does one do this, and where do we even begin? How do we throw a top-notch birthday party that’s so incredibly special without having to break the bank?

And if we don’t pay for a special venue or an entertainer, how will we entertain the kids without losing our minds? What will they eat? How will we decorate? All of these questions and so many more immediately spring up at the thought of party planning. And we don’t blame you, planning an out-of-this-world birthday party is hard work!

But first things first: set a date for the party. And then, breathe. 

If your bundle of joy has a birthday around the corner and you’re in desperate need of some help, we’ve got your back! Read on for 12 birthday party ideas they won’t forget. 

Throw a Fun Pool Party 

If your little one is lucky enough to have a birthday during the warm summer months of the year, you can’t go wrong by throwing a fun pool party. Sure, it might be a bit cliche, but if you ask us, a pool party bash is still one of the best ways to celebrate someone’s birthday—and we’re sure your tiny tot will agree. 

Obviously, this party idea only works if you have a pool, so plan accordingly. And of course, don’t forget all the fun pool accessories like water guns, goggles, pool floats, noodles, and even a sprinkler for an epic backyard bash by the pool. If you happen to have a sturdy tree, add some extra fun by installing a tree swing, but don’t forget to use SwingTie to ensure it’s installed properly.  

Say Aloha With an Island Luau

Turn their party into a tropical paradise! As each guest arrives, give them a grass skirt and lei to go with the theme. Play fun reggae music, play games like limbo and pass the coconut (similar to hot potato), have a colorful pinata, and serve tasty treats like corn on the cob, kebabs, and fresh tropical fruits (Mangoes, anyone?). Send each party guest home with a plastic pail and shovel for their next beach trip as a thank you for coming to celebrate your baby’s special day. 

Consider a Sports Themed Party 

So many kids are into sports, so this might be a good place to start—especially if you’re inviting their teammates! A football party might be one idea if your little one loves to watch Sunday night football with dad. Football parties, along with other fun sports themes, such as baseball, soccer, and even gymnastics, can be hosted at a facility for parties, or you can simply pick up some supplies online or in stores. 

Outdoor Movie Night Bash 

If your kiddos’ birthday is during the summer, setting up an outdoor moving in the backyard under the beautiful indigo sky is just what you need. You can pop the popcorn, grab some comfy-cozy blankets, and have a magical night. 

If your little one is not-so-little, it might even be fun to host a scary movie night! This is one theme it can be an absolute blast to make decorations for, so have fun with it. 

Plan a Spa Day 

This is an exceptional idea if you have girls, but boys could enjoy it too! Besides, who doesn’t like to get pampered? You could take the kids to a local spa, or you can set it up at home. Have all the guests put on big fluffy robes and sit them down for a mani-pedi. Gather up some skincare products, and of course, don’t forget the cucumbers! 

Throw A Party For Superheros

It goes without saying that kids love superheroes. You can have a general superhero theme, or you can center the party around a specific superhero like Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman. You can buy decorations and party favors, or you can make them yourself. You can have all the kids dress in costumes, perhaps of their favorite superhero. It’s every superhero-loving kid’s dream!

Set Up a Cool Laser Tag Arena 

Okay, so this one could be a little harder to pull off than the other birthday ideas on the list, but if you have the time and the right space, setting up a laser tag arena and letting the little ones go wild is sure to be a hit. Obviously, you’re going to need the laser tag equipment itself, but outside of that, you can let your imagination run wild and get as crazy with this one as you want.

Maybe set up some cool black-lights, get glow stick jewelry, and have a neon paradise in your backyard. No matter how far you decide to go, your little ones and their pals are sure to love it. 

Turn Your Backyard Into A County Fair 

Similar to the laser tag idea, this one can be as complex as you want it to be. Setting up a small county fair in your own backyard is the kind of kids’ birthday party that will blow their guests away. You can even set up a water-slide, some sprinklers, and a slip-N-slide if it’s a hot day. A tree swing is a nice touch too, but just make sure to install it properly with SwingTie. Add a few mini-games, like corn-hole, a volleyball net, horseshoes, and you’ve got yourself your own personal fair—right in your very own backyard!

Want to really amp up the county fair experience? Bring home a cotton candy machine to go along with your standard fair food. They are surprisingly affordable and unsurprisingly delicious and can take your tiny tots bash to the next level. 

Host a Dress-Up Tea Party 

It goes without saying that little kids love to dress up! Clean out your closet and lay out all the clothes, shoes, and fun accessories you own that don’t fit you anymore, and let your guests go to town. Set your table with a cute tea set, and serve cookies and yummy sandwiches. As an activity, each kiddo can paint his or her own teacup—and that can double as the party favor!

Put Together a Wintertime Picnic 

Does your little one have a winter birthday, but they long for the summer? Throw a summer BBQ indoors! Ask your guests to dress in summer attire (even if it’s below freezing out, but we sure to crank up the heat!), and decorate with warm weather scenes. 

Play the games you normally would play in the summertime like horseshoes and bocce ball and serve classic picnic treats like hamburgers and potato salad! At the end of the party, send each guest home with a new pair of funky plastic sunglasses.  

Plan a Cookie-Making Party Extravaganza

What’s sweeter than a birthday party that revolves entirely around cookies? Have the little ones don aprons or pick up enough to have them decorate themselves as an added activity. 

Spend a couple of hours whipping up a few delicious batches of your child’s favorite cookies, and send everyone home with a few as a tasty way of saying thank you for coming to celebrate your bundle of joy’s special day. 

Consider a Backyard Camping Party

If you’re throwing a sleepover party for your kiddo, make it a campout. Set tents up in the backyard or even inside if the weather isn’t good. Tell spooky ghost stories, go on a nature scavenger hunt, eat classic camping foods like s’mores, franks, and beans and have the kids look for shooting stars in the sky. 

A Final Word 

Now that you’re up to date on these 12 fun birthday party ideas that they won’t ever forget, you’re ready to throw your own! Just don’t be surprised if your party guests are jealous of your awesome party-throwing abilities. 

Remember, this is a party! So don’t let the planning overwhelm you, and have fun with the process. And keep in mind safety first: If you set something up like a tree swing, for example, be smart about it and use SwingTie to ensure it’s installed properly. Nothing puts a damper in a party more than an injury!






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